Hungarikum is a collective term indicating a value worthy of distinction and highlighting within a unified system of qualification, classification, and registry and which represents the high performance of Hungarian people thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, specialty and quality.

In the beginning of the 21th century a movement was organized that aimed to systematize and sum up the Hungarian values. After a broad societal and professional collation, the Act number XXX of 2012 concerning Hungarian national values and Hungarikums was established and declared by the Hungarian Government on the 2nd of April, 2012. The act’s purpose is to give a legal frame to Hungarian people in order to specify and identify their own values, moreover to contribute the promotion of collected values.

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Unicum bitter liqueur

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The 226-year-old Unicum bitter liqueur has become a very special drink for Hungarians. It was invented in 1790 by the physician of Emperor and …

Tokaji Aszú

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The Tokaji Aszú is a special wine produced in the Tokaj wine region; it is the nectar of individually hand-picked “aszú” berries botrytised on the …


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Spritzer has had unbroken popularity among consumers for almost 200 years as a cooling, refreshing beverage, which is an organic part of the …

Soda water

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In 1826 soda water was created by the Benedictine monk and natural scientist Ányos Jedlik. For some years it was considered a rare speciality, …

Hungarian goulash soup

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„Goulash is a soup dish rich in broth, onions and paprika, prepared with cubed potatoes and csipetke (i.e., pasta)” – wrote once Károly Gundel …

Pick wintersalami

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It is made from pork and bacon, with secret spices, stuffed into natural casings with cold smoking and dry maturing, based on a unique, secret …

Thick sausage from Csaba

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The making of Csabai sausage, recipes and related practices have been descending from father to son for generations. This sausage is primarily …

Double sausage from Gyula

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The meat industry of Gyula and the Gyulai sausage have a history spanning one and a half centuries. In 1935, the small Gyulai paired sausage …

Erős Pista

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Piros Arany (Red Gold) and Erős Pista are made from manually picked, excellent quality paprika. Their taste and color differentiate them from other…

Kalocsai paprika

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The ground paprika became a domestic commercial article in the middle of the 1800s and also conquered foreign markets by the end of the century. …


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For a long time after the appearance of alcohol distilling in 11th-century Europe, the practice within the territory of Hungary was applied to wine…

Egri Bikavér

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Egri Bikavér (or Bull's Blood of Eger in English) is the first wine of protected denomination origin in modern Hungarian wine history (Egri Bikavér…